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“Kairos” – an ancient Greek word was used to describe the right, critical or opportune moment with a qualitative and permanent nature. At KGF, we believe that present opportunities, including opportunities to invest profitably, should be seized and maximized to bring about positive change in our world. Wealth creation need not be lopsided benefiting only a few investors. Opportunities seized by one should create opportunities for others.


The Kairos Global Fund (KGF) offers financial services to its investors with a vision of bringing together people, their resources, emerging opportunities and economic needs in a timely manner. KGF ensures guaranteed high returns and maximum social impact. Services provided by Kairos include

1.Financial Planning , Investment and Management

2.Counsel in charitable giving

The singular objective of Kairos Global Fund is to create customized investment options with consistent, competitive returns and a commitment to initiate sustainable rural development in South Asia.

While your investment increases and accrues returns, you continue to impact lives, make a difference and impact communities. KGF invests in resource generating sustainable and eco friendly projects in the fields of health, education, agriculture, alternate energy sources, micro lending, socio-economic and human resource development projects that focus on uplifting individuals and communities.

The Kairos Global fund is more than a protective hedge fund. It is a direct investment in asset creation that generates resources and directly benefits people through job creation, skills development and economic development while guaranteeing returns on investment.

KGF is perfectly positioned to benefit from the growing shift to social awareness in the business environment (CSR). For KGF, Social and Economic development and empowerment of people takes precedence over effortless Charitable giving. A genuine compassion for the under privileged is not expressed through charitable relief programs but through projects and programs that empower them and enable them to break free from cycles of poverty and disenfranchisement. Strategic and efficient operations, projects and programs are in place for implementation. KGF presents a unique and unprecedented business model in Asia securing robust financial returns and ensuring social justice for the marginalized. Investing in Kairos Global Fund is simultaneously investing in people and impacting their communities.



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